About Us

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Rosita Ranch began as a hobby for Stonyford resident, Jennifer Diaz. She began to raise her own chickens for farm-fresh eggs in 2008 as a sustainability project for her and her family. As her passion for chickens grew, she realized her chickens were producing more eggs than she could handle. In 2010 she began to sell them to neighbors, and eventually started selling them at the local farmer’s markets. Rosita Ranch is a Registered Egg Handler (CA-2098).

As her eggs grew in popularity among customers and Colusa County residents, she started the process of getting her eggs and herself certified. Rosita Ranch appears at their home base in Stonyford, the Colusa Certified Farmer’s Market, as well as certain Colusa County stores. Jennifer also regularly donates eggs to non-profit organizations. 

“I am proud to be able to provide a healthy local product to the community.”

Jennifer’s love for farm-fresh products took deep root, and she now manages the Colusa Certified Farmers Market during the summer months in Colusa, and has started a “Farm to Fork” dinner that features locally grown and raised products. She has also grown her personal business to include not just eggs but meat birds and selling raised chicks for customers.

As she learned to develop and grow her business, Jennifer realized that she also offered valuable tools in assisting other businesses develop/ grow with technology.  Rosita Ranch now consults/advise with other businesses/farms especially during the COVID Pandemic.