We’re just getting started…

Hello to all!

We hope you are having a fantastic summer, and if you’re visiting from Northern California, escaping this triple-digit heat! The temperatures might be rising, but it isn’t slowing us down at all. From the Farm to Fork Dinner back in June, to the weekly Colusa Certified Farmer’s Market, and now conquering the Stonyford Farmer’s Market, Rosita Ranch is in the busiest time of year!

The Farm to Fork Dinner was held on June 22nd in Colusa, following the weekly Colusa Farmer’s Market. Ticket sales were increased from last year, and despite the temperature rising to a blistering 108 degrees, attendance was also up! Thanks to the City of Colusa for turning on the sprinklers during the day, and some large fans donated to the event we were able to beat the heat and keep the atmosphere cool enough for attendees to enjoy their meal and the live music. Thank you again to all those who participated and provided food or supplies.

When asked about the success of the event, Jennifer had this to say:

Although it was extremely hot, the event was successful thanks to the many people that stepped up to the plate to help out and to those who purchased tickets to support our endeavors! We couldn’t have done it without you!”

Just a reminder that all proceeds from the event will be donated to a grant program benefiting local community projects as well as the Colusa Certified Farmers Market.

However, the work didn’t stop with the dinner! Jennifer also manages the Colusa Farmer’s Market every Thursday through September. Beginning at 4 pm and lasting until 7 pm, you can find local vendors selling the best they have to offer, and every other week you will find a fun “Music in the Park” concert thanks to community members who sponsor the performers.

Additionally, you can find Rosita Ranch at the Stonyford Farmer’s Market every Sunday from 8 am until 12 noon. We will have our eggs available as well as locally grown Mushrooms from Premier Mushroom in Colusa.

The last exciting news for our team is that we have partnered up with a new team member who is going to be managing our website! With this new addition, you can guarantee to get updates immediately as they happen. We are looking forward to expanding our site, as well as keeping it up to date as far as design as well as content. If you have any questions regarding website or social media services offered, please email us!

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