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Rosita Ranch is a privately owned business that specializes in farm-fresh eggs! Since 2012, our customers have been enjoying the farm-fresh quality at an affordable price.

Our chickens are hand raised from chicks, and we are state registered egg handlers. We began to raise chickens to have fresh eggs for our family, and before we knew it we had more eggs than we could handle. We began our business by selling our fresh eggs at local farmers markets, and now we sell them at our ranch, Colusa Certified Farmers Market, Colusa Made, and Griff’s Feed and Seed. At only $4 per dozen, our goal is to provide a healthy product to our community at an affordable price.

Since our start almost 5 years ago, we have experienced much change and growth. We now sell eggs, seasonal fruits and vegetables, and are beginning to sell our own chicks!

Keep checking back for more posts about us, our business, the chick/egg raising industry, upcoming events and much more! If you have any suggestions for us, feedback is always welcome! We appreciate your time.


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